Pharmacoeconomics from Clinical Perspectives

Mete Şaylan, Guvenc Kockaya

Pharmacoeconomic studies aim to guide policy and decision-makers to decide on optimal healthcare resource allocation. However complete view of all stakeholders during the review process is crucial to make better decisions. Clinicians, implementers of those decisions, being at the center of this scientific review process should be well informed.

The book ”Pharmacoeconomics from Clinical Perspectives” will provide a general overview of the usage of health economics and particularly pharmacoeconomics in clinical setting. With a larger focus on cancer treatments, readers can find a detailed guidance about pharmacoeconomic researches in different therapeutic areas. Clinicians can use it to appreciate and to plan pharmacoeconomic researches. The final chapter will provide an outlook about the future medicines, trends in healthcare and future implications of pharmacoeconomics. We think that this book will be a good reference for health economists as it will cover different aspects (burden of disease, selection of best methodology, review of pioneering articles, PRO tools, etc.) and issues(cost items, major uncertainties, use of precision medicine, value-based pricing, decision-making process, innovative access schemes) of  pharmacoeconomics in different therapeutic areas.

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