Information for Authors

What is this site?

What is this site?

  • It is a platform for readers to freely access books of SEEd Medical Publishers
  • It is a platform for authors to submit and, if accepted by peer reviewers, publish their book
What are the main features of these books?

What are the main features of these books?

  • Medical topics
  • Open access, which favors dissemination
  • Indexing, which favors dissemination and high quality
  • Single-blind peer review, which grants high-quality publications
Why I have to pay a fee?

Why I have to pay a fee?

 You may take advantage from:

  • Editorial work:
    • First evaluation: when considering the editorial plan (pre-submission), is the book of interest for SEEd Medical Publishers (i.e. in the medicine fields, writing about evidence-based medicine)? Are there any missing chapters?)
    • Assessment of internal consistency when considering the complete book: do the chapters follow a logical sequence? Are there any missing topics? Does the lexicon fit the readership?
    • Plagiarism and other misconducts detection: manual detection and use of iThenticate® detection software, detection of fabrication, falsification, authorship and conflicts of interest misconducts
    • Single-blind peer review management: search for the most suitable peer reviewers, documents exchange with peer reviewers and authors
    • Editing of the proof: major mistakes and redundancy correction
    • Graphic layout design
    • Final proofreading
    • Publication
  • Wide dissemination, through open access and indexing
  • Retention of copyright
And if I can’t afford the payment of the fee?

And if I can’t afford the payment of the fee?

  • You can apply for the waiver policy
  • You can apply for a support for an open access publication at one of the bodies funding open access publication