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SEEd Medical Publishers’ Books are freely accessible and downloadable (both html and pdf versions). In addition, the use, the distribution, and the reproduction of contents may be performed with any media, provided that the original paper is properly cited and not used for commercial purpose (our books are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 License.

We embrace open access philosophy in the belief that shared knowledge favors all the participants of publishing: students, who can satisfy their thirst for knowledge, Authors, who can rely on better and faster dissemination of their works, researchers and physicians, who can use established knowledge as a base for further findings,  Publishers, who can reach a wider readership, and also patients, who are the final users of the new findings in the medical field.

The high quality of contents is warranted through the peer-review process: books can be submitted in this website, and undergo, as a whole or divided in chapters, single-blind peer review process, which status can be monitored by Authors after logging in.

SEEd Medical Publishers adopt gold open access, i.e. all books are provided in open access mode at the moment of publication, without embargo periods.

Hard copies purchase should be performed through the dedicated button.

The process’ costs are borne by Authors, who are charged with publication fees, which vary according to the type of publication, as summarized below.


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1 page = 2000 characters including spaces = 300 words

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Peer Review

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