Model Transparency and Validation

As written in the Report of the ISPOR Modeling Good Research Practices Task Force, «Trust and confidence are critical to the success of health care models» and credibility may be achieved by clearly describing how the model is built (transparency) and strictly testing the model results (validation).

The aim of this book is to provide the instruments in terms of methods and best practice for the development of reliable, practical, and useful economic models.

This book will belong to “Pharmacoeconomics. Methods and techniques” series, edited by Lorenzo Pradelli (pharmacoeconomist and author of “Pharmacoeconomics. Principles and Practice” published by SEEd Medical Publishers), which aims to provide a complete overview of the major issues in pharmacoeconomics, health economics, and outcome research.

This text is in the planning stage. If you are interested in authoring one or more chapters, please contact Laura Fascio Pecetto writing at

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