Pharmaceutical Market Access in Developed Markets


Güvenç Koçkaya, Albert Wertheimer


Market access is the process by which a pharmaceutical company gets its product available on the market after having obtained a marketing authorization from a regulatory agency and by which the product becomes available for all patients for whom it is indicated as per its marketing authorization.

It covers a group of activities intended to provide access to the appropriate medicine for the appropriate group of patients at the appropriate price (in most countries). Market Access may also be seen as activities that support the management of potential barriers, such as non-optimal price and reimbursement levels, the restriction of the scope of prescribing for the drug or complicated prescription writing or funding procedures.

Since there are cultural differences among countries, any Market Access strategy needs to be culturally sensitive.

Pharmaceutical Market Access in emerging markets has been extensively discussed in our previous book, published in 2016. The present book focuses on developed markets with the goal of helping students, academics, industry personnel, government workers, and decision makers understand the environment in developed markets.


  • Summary
  • Preface
  • Introduction to the Market Access
    Mondher Toumi, Szymon Jarosławski
  • Market Access in Germany
    Anke-Peggy Holtorf
  • Market Access in the UK
    Fatma Betul Yenilmez
  • Market Access in France
    Haythem Ammar
  • Market Access in Italy
    Lorenzo Pradelli, Marco Bellone
  • Market Access in Spain
    Carme Pinyol, Natividad Calvente, Cristina Espinosa, Toni Gilabert, Carlos Martin
  • Market Access in Portugal
    Nuno Silverio
  • Pharmaceutical Market Access in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands: an Overview
    Amir Sharaf
  • Market Access in Japan
    Kally Wong
  • Market Access in Australia
    Zafer Çalişkan
  • Market Access in New Zealand
    Zafer Çalişkan
  • Pharmaceutical Market in the U.S: a Brief Treatise
    Barry A. Bleidt
  • Pharmaceutical Market in Canada: a Brief Treatise
    Barry A. Bleidt, Annette Vidal
  • Pharmaceutical Market Access Hurdles in Developed Countries
    Mete Şaylan, Özge Dokuyucu
  • Role of Health Technology Assessment in Pharmaceutical Market Access in Developed Countries
    Rabia Kahveci, Wija Oortwijn, Brian Godman, E. Meltem Koç, Birol Tibet
  • Impact of the International Reference Pricing on Pharmaceutical Market Access
    Gülpembe Ergin Oğuzhan
  • General Overview of Value-Based Pricing
    Güvenç Koçkaya
  • The Role of Patients in Market Access
    Anke-Peggy Holtorf, Nigel Cook
  • The Challenges and Future of Advanced Therapies
    Selcen Öztürk
  • List of Main Abbreviations
  • Authors

Author Biographies

Güvenç Koçkaya

Dr Güvenç Koçkaya is a medical doctor and health economist. He earned a master of science degree in Pharmacoeconomics & Pharmacoepidemiology at Yeditepe University and doctorate degree in Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Pharmacology at Istanbul University. He completed the European Market Access Diploma Program at Lyon-1 University and studied as a short term fellow at Temple University’s Center for Pharmaceutical Health Services Research. He has established the ISPOR Yeditepe University Student Section. In 2011, he became the first Turkish citizen to be awarded the “ISPOR Meeting Travel Scholarship Award.” He has several articles and posters that have been published in national and international journals or presented in national and international congresses. He has also served as the Turkish translation editor of Bootman`s Principles of Pharmacoeconomics and WHO`s Health Technology Assessment in Medical Devices. He worked for Ministry of Health of Turkey as health economist and a member of Medical and Economic Evaluation Commission, which evaluates pharmaceutical reimbursement decisions. He worked also as head of market access or health economics department in pharmaceutical & medical device companies. He is the President of the Health Economics and Policy Association (HEPA) and plays an active role in the development of health economics in Turkey and a member of scientific advisory board of “Farmeconomia. Health economics and therapeutic pathways”.

Albert Wertheimer

Professor Albert Wertheimer is a professor at the College of Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University, Lauderdale, FL, USA. His area of expertise include pharmacoeconomics, outcome research, managed care pharmacy, pharmaceutical health services research, and international health policy. He had served as Professor at the Temple University and at the University of Minnesota, Dean at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Director of Health Outcomes Management at Merck and Company, Director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, and vice president of Pharmacy Managed Care First Health. He received a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Buffalo; a Master of Business Administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a PhD degree from Purdue University. He was also a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Social Medicine at St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School of the University of London (UK). He is author of 29 books, more than 420 article in scientific journals, and more than 30 book chapters. He has supervised 70 PhD Students and 104 Master degree students. Professor Wertheimer has consulted or lectured in over 60 countries.

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